The institutions promoting the Mercat del Peix –UPF, BIST and CSIC – have joined forces to promote multidisciplinary research and innovation in the fields of biodiversity, biomedicine and global wellbeing to respond to the important and urgent goals facing society and the planet, such as the climate emergency, high-impact diseases, the degradation of environmental resources, the loss of biodiversity, and the increase in social inequalities.

With a planned investment of almost €104 million, this new knowledge hub will host 1,200 researchers and will be operational in 2026. 

The BIST building, dedicated to personalized medicine


The BIST will create a new area of research and innovation in precision medicine (BiomedBIST), where it will bring together research groups that are currently working in the field of biomedicine. Continue reading

The IBE building, dedicated to biodiversity

Logo IBE

The IBE will house its research staff at the new headquarters of the Mercat del Peix, where it will consolidate and expand its research project on evolution and biodiversity. Continue reading

The UPF building, dedicated to planetary wellbeing 

Logo UPF





UPF will install its Centre for Research and Innovation on Planetary Wellbeing, where its own and guest researchers will develop interdisciplinary collaborative projects in the following areas: planetary health, urban science, artificial intelligence, the loss of biodiversity, complex systems and data science, economics and governance of climate change, and global law and governance. Continue reading 


Download the Mercat del Peix presentation (pdf document, 16 pages).